When it comes to microcontroller platforms, Arduino has it covered ; and it has been true for many years now. Still what could be done in terms of new concepts and products development on that front? [Fabio Souza] seems to have at least part of the answer with his Franzininho.

Franzininho schematic diagram

It is a tiny little printed circuit board (only 53 x 26mm) featuring the vastly spread ATTINY85, an 8-pin microcontroller featured many times here on hackaday; it is flashed with Arduino Gemma bootloader, what gives it USB capabilities and no need for crystal oscillator. It then runs at 8Mhz and is capable of working from 1.8V all the way up to 5V, just like the Gemma.

The PCB still features a LED on pin 2 (equivalent to pin 13 on Arduino UNO), a physical reset button and a connector breaking out all its usable pins.

franzininho circuit board

One of the best parts of this project (in my opinion) is that all components are through-role, meaning mostly anyone with a soldering iron and some skills can assemble it in minutes. Something amazing for maker spaces and technology classes in a world where everything is SMD. The obvious downside comes exactly from that: it is a nightmare for automated assembling!.

Franzinho is not a commercial project. [Fabio Souza] has made it open source (all files on his Github) so that anyone can replicate, use and modify it. it will be fun to watch what the community can do with such a small and powerful platform!.

Franzininho: an USB-based tiny Arduino
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